Franzy Instruments

Franzy Instruments Ethical Policy

Franzy Instruments recognizes that other countries and peoples have different cultures, norms and sets of values to our own. We at Franzy Instruments respect all cultures and celebrate human diversity, but we deem certain principles to be universal. 

As part of our commitment to this policy and continual improvement of our Quality Management System we are evolving a more robust system and program for auditing compliance with ethical standards.

Franzy Instruments requires its suppliers and manufacturers abroad and in the PAK not only to adhere to the following principles, but also to demand the same from their own suppliers and sub-contractors.


Policy Guidelines


- All suppliers must conduct their business in an open, moral and equitable manner. 

- They must remunerate their employees at a fair market rate in accordance with their responsibilities and abilities. 

- The use of any child labour is unacceptable. All labour must be older than the statutory minimum for the country.

- If we were to become aware of child labour in connection with our merchandise then the issue would be dealt with by a considered programme centred on the best interests of the children involved. 

- Safe working conditions must be provided for all employees and none will be subjected to dangerous working practices. 

- Working hours must be reasonable and appropriate breaks given. Wages and benefits must be fully comparable with local norms, complying with all local laws and the general principle of fair dealing. 

- Employees will be considered for promotion and advancement purely on their ability, and in no circumstances will the exploitation of any individual or group be allowed.

- Employees must be engaged on a voluntary basis, there must be no forced labour or any use of physical or mental abuse, or any form of corporal punishment.

- Franzy Instruments aims to be associated by its customers with high standards of animal welfare and best industry practice in its supply base. We will deliver this commitment by maintaining an up-to-date knowledge of animal welfare, bioethics and legislation.